Monday, June 26, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-lin Part 2

Once inside, the hall runs beyond the light of the torch.  It is a stone hallway with large stones perfectly fitted together. Pictures of women and men studying books, walking in gardens, and practicing magic are etched into the walls and painted, covered with a fine film of dust, as if no one has walked the halls in centuries.  The floor is covered in tile mosaics of random, beautiful patterns.  The hall slowly slopes downward, but how far it goes or how steep it gets is unknown from the doorway.

For the GM.  The whole complex is protected by stone guardians the size of human, dressed in fancy armor and carrying swords. Treat the swords and armor as magic and you can adjust their pluses as needed.  As long as the party doesn't try to take anything they will not activate in the area they are in.  They are spaced with at least one in each major room, and then randomly placed in niches in the hallways.  You can stick them in as needed.  This hallway runs for about 50 feet, slowly sloping downward and ending in a "T", where the end of the hall stops at a balcony over looking an open room below that also runs upward, though it's hard to tell how many levels.  (You, will know, it is 3 levels higher and two levels down from where they stand on the balcony.)  The hallway runs right and left, curving around the center room, with other rooms branching off from there.

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