Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-Lin Part 4

The stairs down lead to large library with chairs and tables scattered around between the bookcases.  All of the furniture in a poor repair and most of the books, though they look whole, are falling apart.  There are niches between the larger book cases which hold glow stones and small statues of women and men with beautiful wings in different poses. The lighting is poor on it's own and the room spans the whole circle, as well as under the balcony/hallway from above.

For the GM, most of the books are destroyed after centuries of disuse and abuse, but there are some knowledge books that can be salvaged.  The small statues are small stone golems, in effect.  If any who are not neutral good (or your games equivalent) come within a few feet of them they will come to life and attack.  One of the niches to the north also harbors a secret door behind the golem, (a moderate search will find it).  This leads to a small room, only about five feet by five feet.  This room harbors a trove of books and scrolls that have been magically sealed in and are in perfect condition.  These books hold a lot of ancient magic, but old maps, old history, or even family records can be inserted here.

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