Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Ruins of Shar-Lin Part 3

This floor of the ruins has small rooms off of the circular balcony like hallway.  Opposite the hallway from the main door is a winding stairway made of tempered metal that runs up as well as down.  Each room is around 5 by 10 feet with a single desk, niches for lights and shelving which seem to be for holding books, parchment and ink wells.  Most of the furniture is destroyed and decayed, and only a few have a lightstone or two in the niches that still work.  Next to the staircase is a locked door.  It is the only room which is locked.

For the GM.  The rooms can hold what ever bits of info you would like to add, or even a random dungeon encounter.  Most, if not all, the parchment and books are beyond usable but you can always add in a lore or magical book if you need to.  The locked door is of moderate ability and is trapped.  The trap is magical, not mechanical, and must be dispelled or the key for the door must be used.  The key is on the lord and master of the ruin on the top floor of the ruins.

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