Monday, December 16, 2013

The Crazy Cat Lady of Thornside

Near the city of Merryweather is a small village called Thornside.  This small village is a stop over for caravans, with farmers nearby, and little else.  but Thornside does have one claim to fame.  Larinda, the medicine woman.  She has a small hut on the outskirts of the village that smells like herbs and spices and wood smoke all times of the year.  She also has lots of cats.  Last count she had close to fifty cats, all who adore Larinda.  Larinda is in her mid sixties, greying and losing most of her teeth.  She laughs at everything, which unsettles those looking for medical help, but she is a good healer.  She also knows every single cat that calls her place home.  She knows when they were born and if they were missing and does not take kindly to anyone messing with her cats, who she terms her "children".  She is willing to help anyone as long as they bring something in trade, such as food, work or trade good.  She'll not help ogres or half ogres, for her son was killed by one.  He was her only child that lived to adulthood so she will not help anyone with ogre blood even if they are dying on her doorstep and she could save them.

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