Monday, December 23, 2013

Toran the Bard

Bards love to see the world, wander the cities, meet people.  Toran would not be your typical Bard.  Toran loves just staying in Goldleaf in the Stone Wall Inn and ply his trade to the locals.  He's not always up to date on the news, which bards usually are, but his voice sounds like the most beautiful birds of the world. His voice is so lovely the House Leaders have been known to come to the Stone Wall to hear him sing and tell tales.  He has traveled to Stormvale and Weatherworn, and farther, but he's never stayed away for long.  The owner of the Stone Wall, George Hardstone, gives Toran a room for free since he gets so much business because of Toran.  The real reason he stays so close is that he has a love he hopes will notice him, which she has, and his mother can not take care of herself and his younger siblings on her own, so he does so.  He holds a lot of knowledge of the area and would be a big help to any adventuring group in search of knowledge.

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