Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Thornside, being a caravan route village, is set up to supply caravans and travelers.  There are two inns, a supply store, a farrier, a horse trader and a blacksmith.  And there is little else other then houses for the people who work and live there.  The inns always have heavy busy in the trading season, though the winter is slow, since it sits on the road between Merryweather and Greenthorne.  There is the Lucky Rock and the Dandy Lion, each having a tap room, ten rooms and stables.  Most people who clean the rooms or work at the stables, also have nearby farms and just use the coin they get for buying items they can make.  The supply store is a little expensive, but not overly so since the village is only a week out of either House.  The farrier, John Strongbear, works when ever he is needed, whether day or night and the blacksmith's forge is always going during the summers for those needed repairs.

Most of the local population is human or half-elf, though a few dwarves live nearby as they search for ore.  The village has had issues with wolves and ogres, but lately one of the ruins of a village long overgrown has been spawning tales of undead.

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