Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Lazy Sprite

This inn between Merryweather and Greenthorne is well frequented by both merchants and adventurers alike.  Three stories with a large stables there is always lamps lit in this busy place.  Jorn Thunder is the owner of the Sprite and always has at least two girls serving at all times, along with one cook.  He has average ale and spirits, good food and warm beds.  He charges a little more then normal for an average inn, but it's well worth the money.  The stables are kept very clean and the mounts and wagon teams are well cared for when they come.  Jorn does not abide by thievery and thus turns all thieves over to the authorities as quickly as possible, apologizing to any who have been affected with a free brew on the house.  Supplies can be bought here as well, just the basics but enough to get to the next town without issues.  The local patrols station themselves out of the Jorn's inn when they are on the move and do not take kindly to Jorn's inn being harmed.

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