Monday, December 30, 2013

The Beast of Thane's Sorrow

Near the House of Sunvale there is a village on the Willowstand Lake.  In this village rumors run wild about the beast of Thane's Sorrow.  The beast is said to be ten feet tall with green skin and hair made of seaweed.  It moans in pain from the arrows that stick out of its body but can't kill it.  The creature's moans are said to drive insane any who hear it and that the smell alone of the creature could kill a full grown man.  Even the most hardened of hunters and adventures try their best to stay out of the creature's hunting area, not wanting to meet it.

The beast, who's name is Garron, is really an ogre who was unfortunate enough to have a little fey blood in his veins.  He's smarter then the average ogre, even the average human, and blessed with extremely long life.  He likes to hunt and make potions that might heal others.  He knows no one wants to talk to him, being as he's an ogre, but he wants to help others with his healing.  Knowing adventurers like to find treasure he purposefully leaves stashes of healing potions, curatives and healing herbs around the area he lives.  He hides when people come, because he does look like an ogre, but is always happy to help if he can.  He lives near a hot spring with special herbs used for high fevers and other hard to beat illnesses and so will listen to see if the village herbman is looking for curatives.  Surprisingly the herbman will then find a potion he might need if he tells the hot springs what is wrong.  He has no idea that Garron is there, but is always appreciative of the "spirits of the hot springs", leaving gifts of food, clothing and equipment in exchange.

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