Monday, April 7, 2014

April, Lady in Waiting

April is one of the Ladies in Waiting for the Lady of House Bloodhelm.  She is the oldest of the ladies, almost forty, and has been with the Lady of House Bloodhelm since her marriage to the Lord of Bloodhelm.  She is happy with her life, not upset that she never married, and her father is happy for the connection without having to pay a dowry.  April knows all the Lady's secrets, but keeps them all to herself.  She knows talking about them could get her killed, but at the same time it gives her security.  She is very handy with needle work and has a voice of an angel, despite her age.  She goes with her lady where ever she goes, unlike the other ladies in waiting.  Only the Lord's chamber is barred to her.

April is greying around the edges, but her dark brown hair is still vibrant. She a little set with age, but still pretty lithe.  Her features are plain, but nice to look upon.  She wears almost as fancy clothes as her lady, and always gets first choice amongst the ladies in waiting.

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