Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Sidestep Inn

Situated between Landshire and Karoon in the village of Dust, this small and simple inn is just what a weary traveler needs on the long trek between Landshire and Karoon.  The building is two stories with five inn rooms upstairs, a warm, cozy dinning room and a large bath room to soak in.  The stables are large enough for a dozen horses and one wagon.  The people are friendly, the food fresh during the summer and at least good to eat during the winter, and the place inviting after a long day on the road.  Prices are reasonable for this adobe built building, but still a little more expensive then a normal inn, (add about 5% more then a normal inn).  General gear can be purchased here, but the selection is a little limited.  Maps of the area are also available either for purchase or to pay to copy.

Though simple looking, this inn also harbors a secret.  The Black Wizards of Shaniko have a spy here, since it so heavily traveled.  Though your players may think they are safe to talk about certain things out in the open since it's such a friendly inn, one of the staff, a tavern wench named Wendy, reports to a nearby Wizard for money.  Beware what is said in ear shot of the staff.

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