Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Women's Apartments of Manor Bloodhelm

The women's apartments in the Bloodhelm manor are spacious.  There are four bedrooms, a greeting room, a sewing room, and a private bath.  The lady of the house has a single bedroom to herself, while the ladies in waiting share one and the remaining two rooms are designated for any adult daughters of Bloodhelm.  The greeting room is full of chairs, small tables and beautiful rugs and tapestries.  There are small shelves with books, though few of are of any consequence.  The sewing room has several spinning wheels, a large loom, and shelves and shelves of embroidery materials, needles and fine fabrics.  Many of the instruments in this room, such as scissors and hoops are worth more then a peasant makes in a year.  The private bath has a large, brass tub with dragon clawed feet, a private fire place to warm water and an elevator to haul water up with more easily.  Only the ladies of the House are allowed here, though male visitors have been known to appear now and again.

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