Monday, April 14, 2014

Hex the Stable Boy

Hex, who really isn't a boy anymore, has been a stable "boy" for almost two decades.  He started when he was ten and tried to steal a bit of oats because he was so hungry.  The stable master took pity on him and offered him shelter and a job instead of a hand chopped off.  Since that moment, Hex has been a loyal servant.  He cleans the stables, cares for the horses and chops the wood for the stove for the men who watch the stables.  He has a small cubicle he shares with two other stable boys in the Dark Dragon inn, a major inn in the city of Cole.  He also helps his master, who is aging and going blind, train horses.  Many people from all around come to have his master train their horses and so Hex enjoys seeing so many types of horses.

Hex is average height, a little underweight, but very strong.  He's a bright lad, his master teaching him to read and do his figures so he could help with the business.  He is so happy with what his master did for him so long ago, he has yet to realize his master means for him to take over the horse training business.  He just enjoys helping his master every day.

Hex hears lots of rumors and knows who has what type of horse.  And he loves to talk to anyone he thinks is friendly.

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