Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wand of Finding

This wand was made by an apprentice for his master mage.  The mage was so forgetful and misplaced so many things, that once the apprentice became a master mage of his own he created this Wand of Finding.  Though simply a finding spell in a wand, it can be very helpful.  The wand must be attuned to the person who is using it for at least a week and then when a person asks, "where is such and such", the wand will point in the direction the item is.  It will glow brighter the closer it gets to the item and will keep tracking that item until the person finds it.  A wand can only find a dozen items a day that belong to the user before it has to rest for a day.  The apprentice made a good two dozen for his master, since he was so bad about losing things.

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