Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 18

Clerics of Shade: Shade's clerics are charged with spreading martial training.  They set up battle schools in most large cities and have their largest in Stormvale.  They take anyone who is willing to work hard, even those of the poorest beginnings. They often hire out as mercenaries, if the cause is right.  Clerics of shade are proficient in all martial weapons and armor.  They receive any skill related to war.  They also can take Blacksmithing or metalworking as a class skill.

Shade's clerics bare a symbol of two knights charging at each other.  Clerics wear chain or platemail and carry either two handed swords or a sword and shield.  They do use some magic, mostly healing to keep the battle going.  Knights and mercenaries usually follow her.  If you need an alignment, they should be true neutral.

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