Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 16

Clerics of Iktomi: Iktomi's clerics are charged with helping the natural world stay in balance.  They allow hunters and loggers to use forests, but not over use them  They help with growing crops, help wounded animals and cure diseased areas if it overburdens the people/animal populace.  They maintain small shrines, but no temples (save for the one in Stormvale), often living solitary lives near small villages as druids and hermits.  They usually use rough cloth or leather armor.  They use staves and wooden clubs.  They receive survival skills with a bonus, along with any nature related skills.

Clerics of Iktomi bare a symbol of a great oak tree and wear green or brown as their colors.  Clerics of Iktomi often have animal companions.  Their alignment is true neutral, since nature is neither good nor evil.  rangers and druids often worship him, even if they do not serve as clerics.

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