Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 21

Clerics of Tinaka: Clerics of Tinaka are charged with bringing healing and aid to those who need such things. They are also supposed to train others to be able to help others in their times of need. Their temples are usually places of healing and learning of healing. They turn no one away, save for the very evil.  Even Clerics of evil faiths will not harm Clerics of Tinaka.  Clerics of Tinaka receive healing as a class skill with a +3 bonus.  Any Knowledge skill doing with healing is also a class skill.  They use staves and wear cloth armor.

Clerics of Tinaka bare symbols of a mortar and pestle and wear thick, blue robes with white trim.  They should be neutral in alignment and will help anyone in need of healing, even evil people, if they are not in danger.  Even then they may help.

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