Monday, June 15, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 20

Clerics of Sominare: Clerics of Sominare are charged with bringing bad luck to those around them.  Maybe they do this by spreading lies, by causing buildings to be robbed or burned, maybe wagons stolen.  They tend to use magic that changes the outcome of things to the bad, or into their favor, especially if it harms someone else.  Clerics wear dark, somber clothing, usually robes and use daggers.  Clerics of Sominare gain the ability to reroll one of their attacks a day if it helps them and harms someone else.

The Clerics of Sominare bare a symbol of a coin with a frowning man upon it.  They are usually Chaotic Evil for Sominare works against the best interests of people and is random on who she bestows her "gifts".

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