Thursday, June 18, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 22

Clerics of Vates: Clerics of Vates, the God of Bards, are charged with bringing music and story telling to the masses.  They keep the histories and spread the news both far and wide.  Their temples are usually places of learning for bards and take anyone in, even non-clerics, who wish to learn to play music.  Clerics of Vates receive any knowledge, profession and craft skill to do with music and history as a class skill with a +3 bonus.  They also receive Diplomacy or like skill as a class skill with a +3 bonus.  Clerics of Vates must know how to play the harp or the pan pipes.  Rapiers are weapon of choice and they can wear leather armor.

Clerics of Vates bare a symbol of a golden harp and usually wear flashy, swashbuckler type clothes or elegant dress, depending on their situation.  If you need an alignment they would most certainly be Chaotic Good.  Minstrels and bards follow Vates, even if they are not clerics. Clerics of Vates are sometimes seen with Clerics of Aiyana, since love always brings good music.

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