Monday, June 29, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 23

Clerics of Wesa:  Clerics of Wesa are charged with helping animals and to help people see how to properly use and care for animals.  They will usually live in the wilds or near farming communities.  Most will heal farm animals, if they are in need, and heal the animals of the wild.  They can heal humans and the like, but it is harder for them to do so.  (In game terms healing a person as a cleric of Wesa drops the spell effectiveness by one level.  So a second level heal spell will act like a first level spell of the same name on people.)  They may wear robes, by most wear the garb of huntsman, so they can wear leather armor.  They have no issues using animals for food and clothing, they just don't want animals to be exploited, for using animals is part of nature.  They often have staves, bows and slings.  They get all nature skills as a class skill with a +3 bonus.  They also get healing (animal) as a free skill.  If they want healing (non-animal) they have to pay for it.  They can use healing (animal) on people, but with a minus 5 to their roll.

Clerics of Wesa are Neutral in alignment.  They bare the symbol of a roaring lion.  Their colors are greens and browns to blend in with nature.

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