Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bracelet of Tracking

Originally made for the royal wizards to track the royal family, in case they were kidnapped, these bracelets have evolved into something more.  These bracelets, mostly made of some fine material in a pleasing design, usually carry the sigel of the House they belong to, (or later on merchant house or personal symbol).  They are imbued with magic to allow a designated wizard with a matching piece (crafted at the same time as the bracelet) to find the wearer of the magic.  The wearer feels a tingle about his wrist every time some one tries to use the magic to find him or her.  If the wearer is unaware of what the bracelet is, he or she will just feel the tingle but not know what it is.  The distance doesn't matter, but the closer a person is, the stronger the feel of magic to the person looking for the bracelet wearer.

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