Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teachers of Mage College of Bloodhelm

With the first day of school upon us, I thought it might be fun to talk about the teachers of the Mage College.  Not only does the Mage College teach mages, but they also house the tutors for the rich and teachers for the common folk.  Calabay started the trend of teaching it's populace to read and work sums, and Bloodhelm would not let itself be out matched.  Bloodhelm pays for anyone who wants to learn to read and work sums to come for a small amount of time each day.  The students change day to day, because peasants have to work to make a living, but there might be anybody from six year old to old grandmothers, all rapt on learning how to read and write.  At any given time there are three teachers available for such task.  There is one for reading, one for writing, and one for sums.  Lady Alex is the youngest daughter of Noble House Taladon and spends her time helping the poor learn to read.  Her father approves, for it keeps her out of trouble and helps make Bloodhelm better.  Trevon Thunderhorn teaches writing, is a strict man and wants only perfect handwriting, though he is a big softy at heart and will bring snacks for the children who's families are very poor.  Von Sunsetter is the sums teacher and he is brisk, efficient and expects his pupils to pay attention at all times.

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