Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Village of Stone Cave

On the east coast of Taina and near the House seat of Karoon is the small village of Stone Cave.  Amongst the cliffs overlooking the ocean are many small caves sea birds use for nesting, but there is one cave so large a small village lays within.  The cave itself is very large, almost six hundred yards long and one hundred yards wide at the opening.  The only way in, other then the ocean side, is a lava tube that comes out at the surface some half mile from the ocean opening and wide enough for two, small wagons to be driven through.  This opening can be blocked off at any time, making the village pretty much impregnable.  The houses of the village are in the walls of the main cave, usually made from old lava tubes that are in the walls of the main cave.  So house size can vary from two wagon size to a small manor.  There is a natural spring in the cave, which has never run dry and has no surface openings so can not be spoiled or poisoned unless the person is actually in the cave. Several of the lava tubes have been set aside for food and other supply storage and they have enough supplies to last for several months.

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