Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weaver's Port

This port, which sits on the northern shore of Ariella and far west of Notitia, is a freeman's port.  It is not part of the Empire and all of it's citizens hold to no government, except for the one of Weaver's Port.   The Port itself isn't huge, it can hold half a dozen big belly traders and twice that in smaller vessels, but it's a stopping spot for many trading ships as they head either to Tridon or to the Empire's center.  There is one repair bay and the repair men are excellent, though slightly expensive.  There are plenty of taverns, a few inns, a brothel or two and plenty of trade shops, where some captains take on more cargo.  From here the trade spreads to the four winds, carried by camel caravans and individuals who set out to find the nomads, Akicitia, and small, human settlements that abound in the plains beyond.  Most speak not only Ariellan, but High King's speech as well.  Both Tridon's and the Empire's money is taken here, but depending on the day, either may be worth more then the other.

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