Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Temple of Sarjon in Bloodhelm

The Temple of Sarjon is just as big as all the other temples in the city, but the building of stout marble is plain in comparison.  The marble columns circle the outside of the temple and the walk way to the altar inside.  Arms and coats of arms line the inside of the building, and any public or gathering place in the temple, recognizing those families or individuals who have held true to the ways of Sarjon.  All the priests are dressed in chainmail, except at meals, and each helps in the maintenance of not only arms and armor, but the grounds itself.  The cells which the priests sleep in are sparse, with only the essentials, and the only thing bright is the coats of arms and any blood that may be upon them.  The building is three stories tall, with a cellar below.  The first floor is the altar room and the training spaces.  The second floor is meant for study and teaching rooms, and the thirds is the sleeping rooms.

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