Monday, September 23, 2013

Sara the Druid

Many druids spend all their time in the wilds, only coming out of the woods or wild lands to bless the land for farmers or stop the invasion of humans into a sacred grove or such.  But  not Sara.  Though she loves nature and animals, she also loves the people of the world.  She likes to get out among the farmers and peasants and help them learn about nature, how to use nature, and how to treat nature.  She wanders around from farm to farm in the Merryweather to Devonshire area, really just going where she wants, (which is what most druids do).  She stops to talk to farmers about animals and crops, when the best time to plant is and if there is anything they can do to help her out.  Not only does she talk crops and animals, but she is a very established healer with both magic and herbs, and she tries to heal where she can, both people and animals.

The players might encounter her in need of help or perhaps she is looking for help to aid a village.  She doesn't have wealth to give in compensation, but she may have information about something the group is searching for.

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