Monday, March 31, 2014

Tenda, the Wandering Bard

Wandering between Sunvale and Karoon, Tenda loves to see the sights and people along the way.  So dark skinned, she is often confused as someone from Ariella, she is a beauty to behold.  She is tall, almost six foot, with white blond hair and dark brown eyes.  She swaggers when she walks, mostly to get people's attention, and talks with an ease most people find hard.  She can sing, tell stories, and play have a dozen instruments including a lute.  She knows quite a bit of ancient lore, predating the Time of the Chosen, and loves to learn new and exciting things everyday.

Tenda would be an excellent way to start an adventure, with a bit of lore or a rumor from somewhere.  She could also be the link the party has been missing to find the next step in their adventuring.  She works for know one, is loyal to no one, and works for coin to keep herself afloat and ahead of the law.

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