Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cory's Library and Print Shop

Cory's has been in Devonshire almost as long as Devonshire has been free of Shaniko and his dark god.  This building is quite large, though most of the building is taken up by a print shop, where the owners of Cory's have always printed books and fliers.  Though expensive, at the beginning, Cory's has been around for so long the High King's people come to the store to learn how to print and how to fix things on the printing presses.  Cory's has several printing machines, all tweaked in some way that they are better then the average printing press.  Some say that Cory's machines are infused with magic, they work so well, but the owners never confirm or deny such claims.

Because they have such a large selection of printing presses, and easy access to the pulp needed for paper, (seeing as they live in a forest), Cory's prints lots of books and sells many of them on site.  Since Devonshire has become a large trading city in the time of High King's Sword, Cory's is always busy and has expanded to several nearby buildings to hold all the equipment, supplies and books.  Cory's will print anything, for a price, and will happily rebind books if asked.  It is likely to find, though not all at the same time, a copy of any book on Martapa in Cory's.

Cory's will also reprint maps and other documents as well.

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