Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Library Keepers of the Grand Library of Notitia

This large library in Notitia has grown over the years.  It started as a small, one room building the first Emperor designated for the monks he saved to store the little bit of knowledge saved from Shaniko's minions.  But the Emperors that followed loved knowledge as much as they did expanding their empire, so the library continued to grow in size and content.  To take care of all these books and the large building, takes lots of man power.  There are twenty full time librarians, who are ruled by a single librarian who is usually a Priest of the Mother (Catiana).  Then there is the cleaning staff of about thirty, along with a cooking staff of five to feed all the people in small community.  There is always at least three librarians on at all times, even in the middle of the night, and novices and journeymen of many faiths come and copy the older books for the library on a continuous basis.  There are several sections only certain librarians and the Emperor can visit, but this rare because the Empire wants its citizens to be able to read, write and know their history.

Tomorrow the lay out.

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