Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jordan Stanerio of Vandez's Library

A merchant of horses and riding gear, Stanerio loves books on horses, mounts of any kind and their gear.  His study's walls are covered in floor to ceiling book cases, most of which hold books on horses and the like.  He does have a few history books and family pedigree books, but most of the books have something to do with horses and other mounts.  Someone looking for a fine horse, with a fine background would do well to borrow some time in Stanerio's library to research the background of that horse. 

This library would be great for not only the paladin just looking for the best horse, but anyone who wishes to find or make magical gear for their mounts.  Stanerio has several books on different enchantment for mount gear, as well as where to get the necessary ingredients for such things.  Stanerio is willing to share his knowledge, for a price.  If someone is truly interested in horses, Stanerio may let them use the library for free.

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