Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lord Ganlian's Private Library

The Ganlian family, though a rich, noble family doesn't produce a lot of outstanding Knights, but mostly scholars.  They are the keeper of Bloodhelm's history, and Martapa's history in general.  In so doing this the family has accumulated a large library of history.  One wing, though small, is nothing but a well organized library.  Lord Ganlian has two librarians who catalog any new arrivals and keep the library clean and organized.  There are the normal pedigree books, rows and rows of them, keeping track of even off shoot branches for hundreds of generations.  There is history books on just Bloodhelm, Tridon and even the Empire.  The Ganlian's have a few books on elves, dwarves, and even some Akicitia.  They have maps from so far back that a few maps are dated back to the founding of the kingdom.  They have picked a few books on magic here and there, but not many. They even have a small section of books that were produced simply for the joy of reading a story.

The section Lord Ganlian is most proud of is that harboring non-magical healing herbs and other non magical healing techniques.  He has books upon books on healing herbs, how to bind broken bones, even how to treat plagues.  Priests of Tinaka come here often to copy his books or to look them over, which the Ganlian family allows them to do for free.  Lord Ganlian always jokes that it never hurts to have a healer in  your corner.

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