Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Layout of the Grand Library in Notitia

The Grand Library is three stories high, with a basement, in most places.  The center building is a single story, with a basement.  This center building is the original building and so very small.  There are very few books here, but mostly tables and chairs for people to meet and discuss their finds in the library.  There are two food vendors selling food to eat and drink to sip upon as they talk.

There are three "wings" to the building.  One on each side, except the entrance on the southern face.  Each wing is close to five acres, with three stories and the basement.  Each "wing" is broken down into subjects, one or so each floor.

The western wings holds history on the first floor, but the next two floors are restricted to the Emperor and whom he deems worthy, along with certain caretakers.  The eastern wings hold maps, language, some history from other realms, and studies of the Gods.  The northern wing holds books on plants, animals, mythical creatures, old ruins, old nations and peoples, along with some fictional writings.

The basement, which spans the whole building, holds the rarest of tomes and maps, along with samples of rare finds.  One "wing" is devoted to rewriting and making of new books. This is manned by at least three caretakers at all times and there are always novices and journeymen of all faiths and guilds copying books.

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