Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dungeon at Small Creek Part II

Outside the "Dungeon" lay the ruins of a small town, foundations mostly, but stone chimneys and a few stone buildings still stand.  Trees and brush have begun to over run most of the buildings and there are a few feral farm animals, such as chickens, draft horses, sheep and a few milk cows who are the descendants of the original farm animals.  They stay around the town because predators will not enter the area and the animals know it.

If a group was to come into the town they may encounter several things:

1) Undead, mostly zombies and ghouls, appear occasionally, though they seem to ignore the farm animals.  (Some sort of bond still exists between these once farmers and their livestock, strangely.)  They come in groups, (1d4+1) and attack any living humans/humanoids on sight.

2) They may find the general store, or what remains.  There are some arrow heads, scythes, and metal instruments that still remain in somewhat good repair.  In one corner of the cellar is a small chest of coins the owner had from his business dealings.

3) In the Mayor's house in a rusted, old metal chest is a diary of sorts where he speaks about the Wizard who came and tried to take over the town without magic at first.  This may give some insight to how the Wizard thinks and what the stronghold may be laid out.

Tomorrow: The entrance to the "Dungeon".

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