Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dungeon at Small Creek Part IV

After walking into the keep/dungeon the first room was obviously meant to be a reception hall.  It is large, with three ways out on the north, west and east walls.  There are broken remains of benches, the cloth rotting.  Banners, tapestries, and paintings hang askew on the walls, while the floor looks as if there were pictures of tiles at one time. The pictures are hard to discern on the floor and the paintings and tapestries are covered in mold and dust.  Statues of wizards sit in niches, though the features are worn away.  (A perception check of about 40 would allow players to notice they are all of the same wizard in different poses.)

There are three trap pressure plates in this room.  Two, on the sides of the room trigger a patrol of zombies each (1d6+1 each trap).  These zombies have no treasure and disappear when "killed". The middle pressure plate results in a pit trap.  (Sixty feet with spikes.)  The wizard was able to turn this off and on, depending on who he was bringing in to his home and if he wanted them to die horribly.

The DC to find the trap is 20, and the DC to disarm the trap is 25.

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