Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dungeon at Small Creek Part XI

The two rooms on the west wall upstairs are both bereft doors and about half their depth.  The stone walls in the back (west wall) are collapsed and rubble fills the back half of each room.  There are pebbles and broken beams in the front half of each room, along with broken desks.  Rats scurry in and out of the rubble and their bright red eyes glow in the darkness.  The room on the right has a glow stone which still works and lights up the disaster that use to be two work rooms of some sort.

If a search of these two rooms is done there are no traps, (unless the party is stupid enough to try and move the big boulders then there is a chance to be smashed beneath them), and little of value.  There is one tapestry along the east wall of the left room which is in good condition and worth about 500 gold and showing a scene of valleys and mountains.  There is also a small coffer in one of the smashed desk, with some gold and gems in it.  (The GM should decide how much he or she wants to put in.)

There are also ledgers with purchases, expenses and income, showing that the wizard was selling timber, food and gems which his undead servants were growing or harvesting.

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