Monday, July 21, 2014

Dungeon at Small Creek Part VII

The east doorway leads to a large, two story room, probably used as a ball and or feast room.  The tapestries and curtains around the room are torn, molding, moth eaten and falling from their rods.  The small niches for statues harbor some statues, but most are broken.  (A perception check of DC 25 reveals that the human shaped statues are all of one man.)  The floor is a hard wood overlay, broken in many places, as if something huge walked across the surface and left huge foot prints.  Tables and chairs are strewn about the room and when anyone enters magical light stones spring to life, lighting the room adequately, but there are still shadows.  There is a door to the east side of the room and stairs on the northern wall that leads to the balconies above as well as the room above.

When the party enters the room, a large shadow comes to life in the north west corner and unfolds into a large skeleton holding a two handed sword, bits of armor and clothing still attached.  This is a skeletal champion.  The CR is 2 normally, but scale this to fit your party. It should be at least 1 level higher then the party, if not 2 or 3.  On the skeleton is a magical 2-handed sword, a necklace of protection, (appropriate level for your campaign and make sure to add that into the skeleton's armor), and a small pouch of gems.

On top of being Skeletal Champion, if your party is fairly high level, have it able to summon a swarm of smaller skeletons.  Adjust accordingly.

There are no more creatures in this room.

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