Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dungeon at Small Creek Part VI

The southern door leads into a small coat room.  There is a door in the far end of the coat room that leads into the kitchens.  There are broken metal hooks, broken chests and old velvet curtains that have become moth eaten and torn.  There are some old coats and cloaks, but all in a disrepair and covered in dust.  A detect magic will find a single blue cloak with simple embroidery with the aura of abjuration (protection) magic.  The cloak is a Cloak of Protection +3, (or an equivalent).  There is also a secret door that leads into a secret prison in the corner of the cloak room.  The DC to find the secret door is 30. It is not locked by difficult to find.

There are no monsters in this room, except for very large dust bunnies.

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