Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Library of Tayke, Before Shaniko

The Library of Tayke was not huge by the standards of the Grand Library of Notitia, but it was large.  A single story, with a storage basement, this building had the sweeping roof lines and clay tiles of the city of Tayke, with the vibrant colors as well.  Several attendants took care of the building at all times, along with the scrolls and the few books it held.  (Tayke and its culture used scrolls more then books to hold information.)  Special cases were made for the scrolls, which were usually kept in fancy scroll cases made  of fine metals or carved woods.  Anyone could use the library, for the people of Tayke were all taught to read, from the lowest farmer to the Leader of Tayke himself.  Tayke's library held not only history, but talk about magic, engineering as well as geography.  Many Leaders of other Houses would send their young heirs here to learn about ancient realms, magic and the study of engineering.

Classes were held here every day, and the subject depended on the instructor.  A lot of the time it was history or geography, but sometimes magic and engineering would be taught.  Anyone who could come was welcome.  For a time there was an ogre who wanted to learn to read and the people of Tayke would not turn him away.  He proved to be a worthy ally, saving the House Leader from his own people, though it cost him his life.

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