Monday, July 14, 2014

Dungeon at Small Creek Part III

The opening to the Dungeon/Stronghold is set into the side of the hillside nearby.  Originally the Wizard had reliefs carved into the stone around the doorway, but was never finished.  Half finished reliefs look twisted, like the Wizard's soul as they writhe around the doorway.  The stout wooden doors are just starting to break down, but they are still strong enough to withstand battering rams for a while.  The doors are protected by a spell of protection which will shock a person with lightning if they try to open the door without the secret word.  A mage can dispel the magic but it takes a high DC to bypass or the runes can be disrupted by a thief, also with a high DC, as determined by the GM.

Just inside the doorway is a pressure plate which summons up zombies to attack those who activate the trap.  1d6+1 zombies are summoned and the DC is 20 to disarm the trap, with a 25 to locate.  The Zombies have no treasure and when they are "killed" they disappear in a poof of smoke like they were never there.

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