Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 2

The Barbarian Class:  Though really a sub class of fighters, many of races, such as Ogres, Akicitia, Minotaur and dwarves could use this class.  These are fighters who become one with their weapons when the battle lust is upon them.  They prefer large, two-handed weapons over shields and a weapon.  They are very chaotic in nature, though, there are exceptions. (My Krom comes to mind.  He is very lawful, but still chaotic when it comes to combat.)  Barbarians prefer heavy leather armor, though chain is alright, as well.  They have the ability to not feel pain, and may remain on their feet, even when they should be dead.

For particulars on the class, you will have to rely on your own roleplaying system.  They should have a fighters ability to hit, with above average hit points, and are little hard up on intellect based skills.  Everything should be focused on the fight.  Adjust accordingly.

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