Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 72

Dragon Descriptions: Dragons are the oldest of the monstrous intelligent races.  They were created by Sarjon and Catiana and are the symbols of justice.  At least that is what they should be. Dragons are huge beings, as long in body as 20 draft horses, with tails and wingspans to match.  They come with or without horns, in many colors and differ in attitudes as much as any human might.  But because they are so large they have the ability to shape shift into any other humanoid or animal form they wish. This is painful and melds what ever equipment they have on them into their body.

Dragons can breath fire, are immune to most magic, can cast magic in limited amounts and obviously they can fly.  They help those who would maintain the Balance, though there are some dragons who go their own way.  (This is why they SHOULD NOT be used as a player character race...they would very much unbalance your campaign.)

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