Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 4

Cleric Class: The cleric class is a little more complicated then some of the other classes, since there are so many Gods involved, which changes the class depending on the God.  A cleric is devoted to his God and his God's ideals.  Any race, even ogres, can be clerics, though magic is dependent, in most systems, on wisdom.  So low wisdom races will have issues as clerics.  Some Gods give benefits to weapons, some to magic, some to tracking.  Use your base cleric class, making sure that they have the ability to heal, cast magic and some ability to match their God.  You may allow them to use any weapon or armor, but it must match their God.  Sarjon's clerics should be able to wear plate, though Tinaka's clerics should only wear cloth.  In the following days I will talk about the clerics for each God

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