Thursday, April 30, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 6

Clerics of Sarjon: Sarjon is the God of War. He soes not take sides in war since he is neutral and revels in a good fight, a good battle.  He loves the intricacies of strategy and may inspire his followers with unsought strategies if they are putting their hearts into a battle.  He loves to delve into battles and prick out one individual skirmish to watch.  His favorite avatar is Jet Stonecrusher, an instructor at the battle school in Stormvale.  The man his huge and bares a two handed sword.  In his immortal form he is a human in full field plate, carrying a two handed sword named Foebane.  Clerics of Sarjon should be allowed to wear any armor, use any weapon and shield and get strategy, (or similar skill), for free.  They should get a bonus to perception and other battle related skills, but lose any bonus to knowledge skills, if not battle related.

Sarjon's symbol is a flaming sword pinning a map. If alignment is called for in your system his followers must be some sort of neutral, though probably leaning to chaotic since battles are always chaotic.  Non-clerics that follow Sarjon include any one who battles, such as mercenaries and soldiers.  His clerics are charged with spreading weapon training, strategy, and the history of war.

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