Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 5

Clerics of Catiana: Clerics of Catiana are the keepers of wisdom and knowledge, the keepers of the Balance. They are also dispensers of justice, and thus are often called upon to act as judges.  Clerics of Catiana should be well versed in magic, (so no restrictions on magic spells or spell levels), general knowledge, (so all knowledge skills so be available), and also good at negotiations.  Clerics of Catiana wear no more then robes, so they wear no armor.  Robes are usually blue in color with gold trim.  They can use staves and daggers.

Catiana's symbol is a perfectly balanced set of scales.  Her non-cleric followers include human sages, Clan Warriors, some mages, and some seers. If your system calls for alignment, her followers would be neutral.

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