Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Races of Martapa Part 73

Dragon Society: Dragons live in caves and amass large amounts of treasure, though most of the treasure is really just presents from mortal friends they made through the years, which may or may not be worth a lot later on.  They love to collect magic the most, for magic fascinates all dragons.

Dragons mate for life with an undying sense of love for said mate.  They clutch every fifty or so years, with four to five dozen eggs laid at a time. They live with their children for nearly two decades, then those who survive find their own lairs.  (Survival rate is not good, so that is the reason for so many eggs.) They are in all sense immortal, though they can die from accidents and attacks just like any other being.

Dragons were lost to the mortal realm  a few decades before the War of the Gods.  When the Chosen were searching for the pieces of the Gift of the Gods they came upon Fire Flash, a baby dragon Targon, God of Magic, saved from the last dragon clutch hatched. A little known fact is that eight dragons are needed to open the Gate of the Gods.  So the remaining seven dragons were created by the Gift of the Gods by ripping a part of the souls of the Chosen from them.  These Dragons, the Gate Dragons, began the dragons of Martapa once more.

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