Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 3

The Bard Class: This class is of great use in a campaign as a DM character, if you want to introduce a lot of world lore.  Even as a Player Character a DM can bring in all sort of lore, as well.  Bards are the keepers of knowledge, spreaders of news and gossip, and finders of the obscure.  Bards should be able to sing, dance, or play an instrument. Or they can do all of the above.  Not all bard classes, depending on system, have magic, but for Martapa, a bard must be able to sing/dance/play an instrument to cast their magic.  They are some what proficient in small and light weapons, such as sabers and daggers, but wear little armor.  They also know how to break into places with a little practice.

Depending on  your system, magic should be based on charisma more then intellect, and agility should also be a good second main stat.  They should have magic spells, be able to wield a light weapon, and pick locks.  They shouldn't get as many spells per day as a mage, nor should they be able to hit as well as a fighter.  Humans and elves make good bards, but other races can harbor their kind.

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