Thursday, May 28, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 15

Clerics of Furere: His clerics are charged with spreading ill weather.  They number few, but are powerful. There are few temples, though sometimes sailors will carry a cleric of Furere to pray to the storm god to not bring on bad weather.  Usually an older cleric will take in a younger cleric to teach the ways of weather and replace him when he finally passes.  Clerics of Furere get seamanship as a skill free.  Anything weather related they also get as a class skill with a bonus.  They usually wear light leather armor or sailors outfits and carry long daggers or cutlasses.  Survival is also a class skill with a bonus to anything sea related.

Clerics of Furere bare a symbol of a lightning bolt and are usually chaotic neutral or chaotic evil.  Sailors and some druids may pay heed to him, while humans and minotuars are usually his clerics.

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