Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wand of Purification

The water keepers of Tayke, though having magic of their own, also had the aid of a magical wand.  This wand, known as a Wand of Purification, could do several things.  The first was make sure water was free of any impurities, such as sand, bacteria, and diseases that might be in water.  Second, the wand could rid of any poisons, whether intentional or not, put in the water.  This took a long time and several "charges" of the wand.  The third and final ability was to locate the source of any contamination.  It did no good to clear the water if it would just become contaminated once again.  The wand has 50 "charges", but is special in the fact with each new week it would become renewed and will once again have 50 "charges".  Only the water keeper or his/her apprentices will use or keep the wand.

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