Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sweetpea, the Healer

Though barely five foot in height, Sweetpea is a large presence in her community.  This little healer uses the magic of Tinaka, the healer goddess, to heal all those in need.  She wasn't always such a kind and gentle soul, but a twist of fate led her to such a path.  When she was young she wanted to be a Knight, even though she was poor born and a woman, but she was severely injured trying to fight with her brothers.  A healer happened to be in the area and was able to save her.  After that she wanted nothing more then to help others with the magic of the gods.  She gives her help freely, helping humans and dark humanoids alike.  Even the ogres in the mountains nearby help her if she is in need for she has saved many of them from death with her magic.  They love her so much that they have even taken to helping the nearby village of Thunderstone, making for an unusual truce between ogres and humans.  No one will take kindly to Sweetpea being harmed or wronged and she will help anyone in need, though may ask for something for the village in turn.

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