Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Floating Island

Floating off the western coast is a small group of boats tied together to make a small floating island of humanity.  There is only about forty people, but this small "island" is very self sustaining.  They fish to get meat, they have small green houses to get some greens, they trade fish for those things they can't make or grow and they trade items from one area to another to make some money.  Most of the people on the island are related, though they take on new blood now and again.  The "island" started out as a refuge from the fighting during the Mercenary Wars and never made a port home again.  They delight in the fact they are able to bring their homes with them.  They have a weather mage with them who warns them of storms or holds them at bay if they can't quite escape them.  They prize mages and druids because they keep the island safe and fed.  Everybody, even the smallest child, has a job on the island and they all know how to do it well.  Sometimes they take on passengers, but the island is slow and most people don't have the time to wait for such slow progress.

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