Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Well of Clear Water

In Tayke, protected by the water keeper of each generation, is a well of the purest water.  Because water is very precious in the east of Taina, the well is very important.  At the time of Tayke, before the time of the Chosen, this well kept thousands of people with fresh water.  After the fall of Tayke nomads, bands of survivors and animals would come to the well for water.  The well itself bubbles up into a basin of stone which is decorated with dragons and fairies.  Several of the stone carvings were broken in the time of the Chosen and by the time of the High King's Sword most are so warn it's hard to see which is which.  The water is always cool, clear and filling the basin, despite the time of year.  The magic upon the well and bowl are so strong that seeing them with a detect magic they glow brightly.  Many people, who do not know the history of Tayke, believe the well is magical and will grant long life, causing many to travel to the place in search of immortality.  There may be some truth to the stories, as there is magic upon the well and the people of Tayke did live a long time, but no one knows for sure.

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